Friday, March 16, 2012

Love poem Never let me go poem,how much you mean to me,love poem in darkness

Have i told you yet..
How much you mean to me..
Have i told you yet..
About all the happiness you bring!
Have I told you yet..
That you mean the world to me!
Just in case I haven't..
I want you to know that...
You're the best thing
that's ever happened to me!
I Love You!

Bury me deep inside your heart
And hide me in the dark
Don't let in the light
Never let me go,hold me tight
Don't ever let me go away
Please be with me and stay
I want to be buried in your heart
Yet it's so dark
Even though you love to hate
I feel as if this is fate
Please love we as i do you
Please make my only dream come true
I sleep in silence 
I dream in darkness
Just hold me tight
Keep we away from the light
Bury we in the dark
Inside of your heart...


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  1. I Want to die...............
    Nice site..........


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